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Summer exhibition with works by Maxelant Harmsze
August 10 - September 5, 2013
A selection of the work on show:

  • "Evolution", an installation featuring over one hundred different specimina of Moebius maxelendis aureus,
  • "No more Hearing, no more Seeing", installation, video and audio tape,
  • "Love and Death". diptych, textiles, dead flowers,
  • "Black is many Colours", diptych, paint on wood and paint on canvas,
  • "Lost", wall hanging, orphaned gloves and mittens,
  • "Passé Défini, or, The End of the French Novel", installation,
  • "Et in Arcadia Ego". objets trouvés, photographs.

Opening on Saturday August 9th 2013, 5 pm.

Galerie Noord
Nieuwstad 6
NL 9711 JP Groningen 

Origins and endings

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